Saturday, January 09, 2010

You're welcome.

It's eleven-thirty. Do you know where your 22-year-old without a life is? Disinfecting the counter top and saving the household from H1N1.

Please. It's my pleasure.

But lo- that's not all I did tonight. I also emailed two professors. (Who I'm sure are going to get back to me, like, pronto, because they have nothing better to do with their lives. Or Saturday nights.) AND I scraped wax off of a plate.

Should your advent wreath ever, well, melt? All over the plate? Fear not. You can still celebrate the solemn-yet-hopeful liturgical season next year. Just soak the plate in hot water for a few minutes and the wax comes right off. News you can use.

Oh. Wow. I'm going to be a fantastic professor. Maybe I need to take a page from Annie's blog and go to Because this is just sad.

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mickey said...

thanks for the wax update :)