Sunday, January 31, 2010


Oh, internets. This was a lovely weekend. A busy weekend, with my dad's birthday and my cousin's birthday and out-of-town relatives and working and homework and what you wanted to sleep pssh sleep is for the weak and also, how much more food do you think it's possible to consume without exploding?

(Answer: More cake. Apparently.)

I love weekends like this where I get to see both sides of my family, especially the Confederate Brigade. Even if it is just for two hours across a table and it's all, oh, yeah, I really wish we could talk more because I haven't seen you guys since, like, July, and let's be honest, I wasn't on my A game that day, but there are like eight people in between us so I can't. Which is typically how any gathering at a restaurant that involves more than six people is like, no?

Whatever. It was wonderful.

But real life is good too. It's probably just my inner control freak, but I even had fun this evening packing up my ungodly amounts of school stuff't get finished this weekend. You know what? I got busy. And I'll have it all finished by the time I graduate, okay?

(Funny story: My aunt asked me today if I was thinking about going to graduate school. Ha. Hahaha. Can you tell she doesn't have Facebook?)

Anyway. I'm going to attempt to sleep now, and probably not eat any complex carbohydrate for...oooh...about four days.


mickey said...

obviously I am NOT the aunt who asked THAT question!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Glad you had a good weekend....John took cake to work today..... :)

Eileen said...

Haha, I was thinking the same thing, Mickey.