Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Oh, hey, want to hear a funny story? That doesn't have anything to do with grad school?


I had to run into Holton today to pick up some work stuff. I also had to stop at the bathroom because a.) Holton Hall water is the best thing ever and b.) I drink a lot of it. So I was scurrying into the ladies room trying to avoid anything like this. A lady was washing her hands, and she looked up and smiled at me.

Can I just say that I really hate any and all social interactions in restrooms?

(That sounded dirty. I mean conversations, perv.)

For reals. I'm uncomfortable even if it's, like, my sister or someone. I'm repressed. I know. But I'm okay with it. The repression. Not acknowledging people in the bathroom. That's just weird.


I kind of smiled at her, because if there's anything worse than friendly awkwardness it's rude awkwardness. Hopefully this will be the end of it. But Holton Hall's ladies rooms have really long and twisty corridors? I don't know how to describe it. But she had enough time to start talking.

"You're a lector at St. Eugene, aren't you?"

Excuse me?

Well, I can't not answer her. Because I am. And she knows it, obviously. And that means next Sunday or whenever will be like eighteen times more awkward than right now. Maybe. If that's possible.

"Um....yes. Hi. *awkward pause* I hope you can hear me. I'm kind of quiet."

"Oh! We can. And you always dress so beautifully!"

"Thank you?" Can you leave now?

"Are you a student here?"

"Um...yeah. I'm a senior."

"Oh, wonderful!"

"Yes. I think so." I. Am. Never. Entering. This building. Again.

Ookay. I can safely say that I have never had a discussion of any liturgical ministry in a bathroom before.

And I rather hope I don't have to ever again.


mickey said...

so you know who this person is???

Nicole K said...

I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND! I am very weird about bathroom interactions as well. I particularly hate it when you walk into the bathroom and the person in another stall completely freezes like you won't know they were in there, definitely taking a pool. Or, when someone you don't know well talks to you while you're in the stall. That makes me uncomfortable.

mickey said...

Have you ever walked in a bathroom and someone in a stall is on the phone?????? AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH