Friday, January 01, 2010


Yesterday I was being all melancholy, and so I did not get a chance to tell you what I plan on doing this year. I know, right? You were devastated.

I should begin by telling you that I don't do actual serious resolutions. There's nothing majorly wrong in my life. I don't smoke, I don't drink to excess, I have a perfectly normal body size. And frankly it's just depressing when you fail. And if there's anything we don't need here at my house it's more depression, okay?!? So no resolutions!

That being said, I will attempt to...

- Blog better. Not necessarily more. But more posts that aren't hair. I think my hair looks. Or Johnny Depp. Or graduate school. Or whywon'tnorthwesterngivemeananswerdjkldfkjlfdkljdfs.

-In fact, less blogging about school in general.

- Because you probably don't care, right? I mean, it's not your stomach lining the doesn't exist anymore. A lot of those thoughts are inside thoughts.

- Like my obsession with Angels and Demons. Which you (except Mary) are probably tired of hearing about.

- I'll try to keep the lid on that, too.

- You're welcome.

- Buy fewer clothes. Honestly. It's just a disease now.

- Take fewer pictures of my shoes.

- Put fewer pictures of my shoes on Facebook.

- You probably don't care that I have insanely cute pumps, do you?

- I didn't think so.

- Attempt to figure out why any of the Kardashian sisters are famous.

- Also why there can't be peace in the Middle East.

- Screw that, I have that one all figured out. Because crazy people got involved and screwed the normal people over.

- The Kardashian sisters still perplex me though.

- Blog more in list form!

- This is fun!

- I'm going to a party now.

- Bye!


mickey said...

This is a good idea but I enjoy your posts no matter the topic...I must agree you have bought enough clothing for awhile and I don't understand those sisters either????????

rockford said...

What can I say???!!! Have a wonderful 2010!!!!! ---(And I do not believe that you will be able to stop blogging about grad school :):) !!!)