Saturday, January 24, 2009

25 Things

Write 25 random things about yourself, and tag 25 people.


1.) I got the "Me and my teddy/getting all ready/getting all ready for school" song from Barney stuck in my head today as I was- appropriately- getting ready to start classes on Monday. Remember that? Kathy sang it? Just me? Okay.

2.) I was a flower girl when I was four, and that was the only wedding I've been in. I was supposed to be maid of honor for a friend but it...well, I'm not sure exactly what happened there.
3.) I really really love doing laundry.

4.) I am the only person in my house who can load the dishwasher correctly. (My sister is going to yell at me for being superior now.)

5.) I was on President Bush's campaign plane when he stopped in Milwaukee a few weeks before the 2000 election. My aunt talked her way on (this was before 9/11) and there are lots of pictures of me in George and Laura's seats.

6.) Speaking of which, my birthday is 9/11. 14 wasn't a whole lot of fun. I served Mass that night, and at the sign of peace Father Ken said, "happy birthday", and I remember thinking "Huh, I've never wanted to cry when somebody said that to me before."

7.) I cried at the end of Les Miserables (the book). I usually only cry at books and movies.

8.) I read War and Peace for fun when I was fourteen.

9.) I am really looking forward to living on my own in my own house- no roommates. I can't wait until I can afford it.

10.) The only language I've ever been able to gain any control over is Latin. Well, and English. But that one doesn't count.

11.) Legally Blonde made me think I could go to law school.

12.) I never did school traditionally. I went to grade school through second grade, then was homeschooled, went to one year of high school, and then left for college for three years before finally starting a new university at the appropriate age.

13.) I started at Concordia when I was fifteen. I spent three years pretending to be older than I was, so now I feel like I've been the same age forever.

14.) I've never had a graduation. I cannot wait for my college graduation.

15.) I also cannot wait until I get a Ph.D. and get hooded! I want that hood something fierce.

16.) I horseback ride and own a horse, and worked on a farm for two years.

17.) I think Tony Blair is adorable. (You said random.)

18.) I don't consider myself a feminist, because I generally get annoyed by people who whine about oppression, but do not try to tell me that I can't doing something, because how do you know that I won't be better at it than you? So I guess I'm post-feminist?

19.) I cried when Benedict XVI was elected Pope. I don't really know why, but that was my first reaction.

20.) I don't think anything has ever affected me like my grandfather's death has.

21.) After he died, I started going to morning Mass because it was the only thing that helped me. Six months later, it is still helping me get through this.

22.) I'm a history major because of one class, but a variety of reasons related to it.

23.) I think, of all the places I've been, I hate Cleveland the most.

24.) I know what I want to do in life, and I know that I will probably be able to do it, but the thought of actually having to do everything that is required absolutely terrifies me.

25.) I found this a disturbingly narcissistic exercise.

Okay. Good night.

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