Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sooooo over this.

I have been back in school for approximately seventy-two hours and yeah, I could be a janitor. Totally. A second-shift janitor. A janitor who doesn't have to write pointless annotated primary source bibliographies at eight o'clock in the morning. That sounds AWESOME.

I. Cannot wait. For the weekend. I actually have a weekend this week, too- usually it's just two solid days of working. But this weekend I'm off for some reason- thank you poor economy. I really need a nap.

Oh, and this means I can celebrate all of the Cousin's birthday party/football torture. I think I shall take pictures and post them with sardonic comments on Facebook. Par-tay. Oh, I kid 'cuz I love.

Right now, however, I need to type up five topics from 20th century US history that interest me and I could have a shot in hell of finding primary sources on. So far I have...well, does anyone have any suggestions? Because I totally need some. Modern US history is not my thing. Colonial US history or modern European history? I'm there. But Modern US history? No. No. Boring. Icky. Gross. *shivers*

Can I write about an ecumenical council? Please?

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mickey said...

yeah for party and football!!!! Glad you are off:):):)