Monday, January 12, 2009

I suppose, there is one thing I'm looking forward to.

You all know how I feel about President-elect Obama. I mean, I will spout my fiscally conservative viewpoint to anyone who wants to hear about it, and I believe that there are even several illegal pictures of my worthless ballot on Facebook. I do not believe that he is the second coming of Jesus Christ plus Elvis with just a touch of Springsteen thrown in. If you do, that's fine. I do not care. I like you anyways. And he's going to be the President now, and I hope that he does well because I will be just as screwed if he messes up (although significantly more smug) as someone who voted for him.

So I'm kind of excited for the Inauguration, because um, hello, THE SUPREME COURT IS THERE!!! Oh, and the whole new President thing. Which is pretty cool. I guess. Even if I'm not crazy about the guy.

But now. Now, I'm freaking THRILLED. Because Josh is singing!!! Hell, if Josh Groban told me to vote for him I would have.

Well, no, I wouldn't have. But I have driven to Rockford to meet some guy in a parking lot in order to give him hundreds of dollars of cash for supposed tickets to a Josh Groban concert. Which should give you some idea of a.) my devotion to the Republican party, and b.) my tenuous grasp of fiscal responsibility.

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mickey said...

yes you would have!!!!!!!! It's Joshie:):):)