Saturday, January 17, 2009

We had takeout for dinner, so I guess that makes it better.

Today I was covering music for someone, which is a task I deeply detest because unless you want a breakdown of Josh Groban's discography, I've got nothing. As I was cowering behind the register, someone came up with two DVDs, and asked me, "Okay, so this three-for-two thing. How does that work?"

Um. Okay. Come in here once, and pay attention. Because I am about to drop to serious knowledge. When you buy two DVDs? You get one free. Thus, three DVDs, and you only pay for two. Do you need me to write it down?


I did get to work out my frustration on the hallway walls later, though. I was a painting machine. I did walls, bookshelves, archways, woodwork, doors, and windows. If you were standing still, I probably painted you.

And then I went to Mass with paint in my hair and whatever, I am so beyond caring. Had a seriously hard time following the homily though. He kept talking about Paul's calling. There was no mention of Paul. This was before Christ died, and Paul was after. Obviously. And his calling? This was not the story of Paul's calling/conversion. I'm a art history major, I know from Paul's calling. Then I realized that he really meant Peter. Oh. That became much clearer.

Currently watching "From the Earth to the Moon", only ten years late. It is very good. I'm feeling like my mother's daughter.

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mickey said...

lol....drop serious knowledge!!!