Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I am a liberal arts major for a reason.

Scene: Grandpa's house, this morning. I fall down the stairs. Loudly. But with a simple elegance.

Mom: What was that?

Me: Me.

Mom: Are you okay?

Me: Fine. Anyway, we have a problem.

Mom: Oh good.

Me: Contrary to the laws of physics, there are two screws in the door that refuse to actually come out of the door. They spin, and I can unscrew them forever, and they still aren't coming out. It is perplexing.

Mom: Um. That's not good. I don't know...Really? They spin but don't get any further out?

Me: Yes. I just spun them for like five minutes.

Mom: That is perplexing.

Flooring Guy Who Is Not There For Anything Having To Do With Screws: It sounds like the hole is stripped. You'll need to create some sort of pressure on the back of the head and then use a pliers to pull them out. Is is a flat head or recessed?

Me: Um...whatever kind fits this screwdriver? *wields screwdriver*

FGWINTFAHTDWS: Oh, yeah. That's your problem.

Me: Okay. Thank you.

It worked. I should not be allowed around tools. And we clearly need to keep intelligent people in the house at all times.

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mickey said...

oh yes it is always good to have someone around who knows what they are doing......