Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I do love spending days in the hospital and returning to pay tuition.

There is nothing quite like staring at your little online banking thing wondering exactly where this large amount of money that UWM tells you is "DUE NOW OR WE'LL SUE" is going to come from. Especially when you can hardly think straight because you're a teensy bit FREAKING EXHAUSTED from spending twelve hours at the hospital without eating anything because hospital cafeterias do not run on the same schedule as your hunger. Closed at 1:00? What the hell, St. Mary's???

Okay. I am something of a hospital connoisseur. Not intentionally, I've just spend, oh, a HELL of a lot of time with people in various different ones. I'm pretty sure I could still find my way around St. Luke's, after three months (no, I am emphatically not kidding) of daily attendance. St. Mary's Ozaukee? I'm practically on first name basis with the valet staff (a good thing, too, as one of them is kind of adorable). Cleveland Clinic? Built over a portal to hell, and I probably could tell you where that is too.

So I know that hospitals are never fantastic. They always kind of smell like urine and antiseptic (a disturbing combination), even the new ones are kind of nasty, and the cafeterias are not four star dining. Obviously.

However. St. Mary's Somewhere South of UWM I Don't Know I'm Not Good With Street Names But I Know I Could See Curtin Hall From the Window has taken things to a new low. Oh. Horrible. Awful. I long for the cozy homeyness of St. Luke's. Daddy the Architect has informed us that they're rebuilding. Damn good thing. Probably won't be in time for lunch tomorrow, though. Unfortunate.

That is all. I'm going to go crash now.

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mickey said...

I am sorry you spend so much time in hospitals but this is a very funny blog!!!!! Portal to hell..lol