Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I would like to be kidnapped by gypsies.

Because not only would my bordering on translucent pale complexion and unruly and annoying red hair be considered exotic, the people from Criminal Minds would come and rescue me. And I would very much like to be rescued by the cast of Criminal Minds. Although I would have preferred the original cast, sans Joe Mantegna and JJ 2.0. But I suppose as long as Hotch shows up, that's okay. I guess.

Other than that I could seriously fall asleep RIGHT NOW and hell, pilates sounded like a smart idea at 6:00 this morning but now I'm thinking that perhaps I should have slept an extra half hour, and the fact that most of the medical world doesn't seem to realize that one can become incredibly tolerant of class A narcotics after years of (legal) use, things are going well.

I need a drink.

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mickey said...

glad all is going well and enjoy that drink!!!