Friday, March 27, 2009

I need to move.

Re: Yesterday. Apparently, grilling out is an acceptable verb. Both on a technicality, as both Sarah and Hannah pointed out, in that any and all grilling should, in fact, be done "out" because otherwise the chance for explosion increases exponentially, as well as a normal thing like tailgating.

This is another thing I must admit I'm not terribly familiar with. I have a distaste for anything that involves grown men being paid more money than my poor little over educated brain will ever see in my lifetime to throw a ball. I went to that stupid "Return to Titletown" thing twelve years ago, and while I know there was definite tailgating going on, I don't recall much except nine-year-old me crying in anguish because it was probably warmer on the surface of Neptune than it was in Green Bay that day. And we all know how how I feel about baseball.

Whatever. I've never heard it.


mickey said...

ah yes....return to titletown!!!!!!

rockford said...

What???!!! Return to Titletown was not the BEST DAY EVER???!!! What was wrong with it - the flinging off the expressway, the sitting in the ditch, the (much colder) sitting in the snow for hours waitning for a football team to appear who we did not know and did not care about and they did not even(THANK GOODNESS) play a game - what was there not to like about that day, honey????