Sunday, March 29, 2009

A very Irish birthday...

It is my dear mother's birthday, and it turned into quite the Irish celebration (and no, not just because of the booze). We watched a tour video with my father-in-law, and then viewed some slides from when she was there in June of 1981.

(They didn't go to Belfast.)


Apparently, they didn't go a whole lot of places that didn't have a store. For instance, they didn't make it to St. John's Castle (site of the Treaty of Limerick, signed October 2, 1691 promising no revenge and religious freedom for the Irish Catholics.) because they got waylaid at Dunratty's Cottage, buying stuff.

Also, there was a runner for the IRA. One that my crazy mother wholeheartedly supported. I'm sure.


rockford said...

To begin with, we did in fact enjoy the stores - as the photos of the living room revealed!!! And it was Bunratty Cottage - quite a lovely store, I might add, that kept us from viewing the rather historic castle across the street -- travel with Mary Betty and you know where your time will be lovingly spent...nor did I object at all - you see, I too reqired additional luggage to make the trip home:)!!!!! Thanks for helping to make this a most wonderful (and Irish) birthday .. and, by the way, that genteman who we may be remotely related to never actually told us he ran arms or that he was in any way connected to the IRA...I'm sure he was just a nice kind hearted gentleman...:)

mickey said...

Grandma lived to shop....I am not complaining....they brought stuff back for me :):):)