Saturday, March 21, 2009

I should be insulted.

Um, hi! If you've gotten here from the What Did Glenn Grothman Get Wrong This Week post (and I know at least a few people have), welcome! This corner of the internet is mostly reserved for my drunken musings on Johnny Depp's hair or my hair or my nail-biting academic inferiority complex, normal stuff, really. I'm sure you won't be terribly interested. Unless you're independently wealthy and feel like paying for my brain, which will be worth over a hundred thousand dollars by the time I'm finished with it, please leave a comment and I'll call the judge.

Anyway, I think my mother thinks I'm particularly stupid.

Mom: Hey, did you go for a walk?

Me: Yes.

Mom: No cars hit you?

Me: Well yeah, but I just laid there thinking "What would Natasha Richardson do?" I figured I'd get up and walk it off. And yeah, now I'm nauseous and dizzy and can't see colors, but I think I'm fine. OF COURSE NO CAR HIT ME.

Mom: Just wanted to make sure.

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