Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Is 8:58 too early to go to bed?

I don't think so.

Because I have an open notebook with various periods of Helladic, Cycladic, and Minoan art and architecture and while I managed to convince myself that I have them all memorized (EN Neo Nikomedia, MN Sesklo, LN Dimini, FN Chalcolthic, EHI Eutresis, EHIIA Korakou, EHIIB Lefkandi, EHIII Tiryns, ECI Grotto-Pelos, ECIIA Keros-Syros, ECIIB/ECIIIA Kastri Group, ECIIIB/MCI Phylokopi and yes, I did that all from memory), I think that if I think about what happens in each of them (People move in together! And build houses! And make pottery! Whoo!) I will quite possibly throw up.

So we're done with that.

Good night.

(Oh, I will say that that Cuba paper? Before we turned them in she made us underline our own thesis statements. I'm thinking she won't be reading them too hard. This is a good sign.)


mickey said...

good night :)

rockford said...

The thesis statement thing still just astounds me - this is college, not sixth grade....I think that 5th grade "Abeka" is when you started writing integrated thisis statements into your writing - remember, every year they drilled on and on about the writing process - I'm sure than when you got to high school you were glad that you knew it though!! I'm sure you will get a great grade on the paper - I just hope she reads part of it!!!