Monday, March 23, 2009

Items of Note

-Please, please, Whitefish Bay. Will you seriously stop working on Silver Spring and open it again? I think the few weeks it actually was open both ways was more a cruel test than anything else. Honestly. What are you doing?

-Cuban history was, quite possibly, the most boring class of the semester. I think that an actual visit to the slums of Cuba (Which apparently don't exist because Castro! Is awesome! He's like a warm cuddly grandpa! Who shoots you when you talk.) and the inevitable arrest upon my arrival back in the US would be more fun than that damn class.

-Josh Groban is rumored to be dating Katy Perry. What. WHAT? "I Kissed a Girl" girl? That's what turns you on? I will kiss a girl. I'll dress like a circus freak. I'll look constantly surprised and wear bright red lipstick. Hell, I will become a freaking lesbian if that's what you want! *headdesk*

-This guy in methods would not stop talking to me. Like, for reals. I was very obviously trying to study the chapter that I hadn't read yet and we were being tested on in three minutes. I was talking to other people. I was not making eye contact. Stop asking me what I did over break, if I'd seen the documentary "Che", do not listen to my conversation with someone else and comment on it, leave me alone, and my God is it like twelve hundred degrees in here??? (It was.) I'm pretty sure he asked me out for a drink then, but I couldn't really tell because he kept mumbling. Gah. It was so annoying.

-My art history professor wrote, "Excellent. One of the best in the class," on my exam. Him? I'd get a drink with.

-Jon and Kate of "Plus 8" are having marital issues because Jon went out and got drunk with coeds. And now they're "frustrated" with the whole fame thing. Oh, bite me. You're ridiculously wealthy, have everything sent to you because it's being shown on the show (including insurance- why hello thar, camera! I was just checking up on my Allstate website...) and a year ago those coeds wouldn't have given you the time of day.

Sometimes they bug me.

Not Aaden. I love Aaden.


rockford said...

how could you not love that little Aaden?? he is so sweet! Yes, life must be so hard in the limelight - maybe if they just stayed inside of that gorgeous mansion of theirs they would be happier, huh??? I mean it, a fireplace in every shot! sorry about WFB and their streets again but I am more sorry about Josh - where does he get his taste in women - wasn't the last one a porn star??

I-lean said...

i think they're going to stick it out for one more season, and then MAYBE a season 6, but after that it will just be a once-a-year special.

Then TLC will premiere Nadya & Unknown Sperm Donor + 100 Million Kids She Can't Take Care Of.

mi_morena said...

And I will watch.

(And yeah, eight kids with cracking voices is so not going to be interseting. I'm giving them a year or two.)

imladris said...

Michael Corleone visited the slums of Cuba. And rolled up his windows as the starving children mobbed his car. Thug life, yo.

mickey said...

Oh those WFB people who do they think they are????? :):):)