Saturday, March 14, 2009

I'm a conservative. Work with me.

Ugh. Facebook changed. AGAIN. I was just getting used to not retching every time I logged on and saw the "new" layout. I was even okay with the weird mashing of the recent activity and the wall area, which I shed tears over sometime in September when they changed it.

But now. Now it's just...strange. Like you don't really have a newsfeed anymore, just a list of status updates and photo uploads. I don't really know about anybody else, but I don't really care about some girl I went to grade school with uploading the eighteenth album of wherever she went over winter break, but I do like to know when people change their relationship statuses. Even if it's just so I can laugh and feel superior because dude, I knew that was going down two weeks ago. And the recent activity part of your own profile is condensed to three stories every few wall posts. And your own posts- photos, status updates, flair, etc, look exactly the same as other people writing. Apparently it looks just like Twitter, and if you'll notice that my last tweet was from the day school started last September, I DON'T LIKE TWITTER.


And furthermore, what is Facebook really trying to do? Because I don't know of a single person who actually likes any of the changes they made. EVER. Like, every time something changes everybody's status immediately changes to "DO NOT WANT GAH HATE". I went to the founder's profile, and on everything regarding the change, there are THOUSANDS of comments, all negative.

Isn't this ostensibly supposed to be a fun thing? Like, give the people what they want? Facebook is not our mom trying to get us to eat our vegetables. This is not a "Daddy is going to live in a different house for a little while but we're just going to have to get used to it" sort of situation. Why are you messing with us? We do not need change from social networking sites. We get enough of it from the economy.


mickey said...

please tell me how you really feel!!!!

rockford said...

I do not yet really understand how facebook works so I do not really understand what the changes even are...which means that I am so stupid it is sad---but I am sorry you are unhappy with how your stalking medium is treating they not understand how important this is??!! Thanks again for your help today - it is almost like the end of the tunnel is not only visable but within reach!!!! OK, a little farther than just a reach - but definitely getting close!!!