Friday, March 06, 2009

Zero to Fangirl in 60 Seconds

No, not my amusing-to-Colleen brief fascination with Nic Cage, but rather remember last summer? When Johnny Depp came to town? And I had to be restrained from renting an apartment downtown and generally embarrassing myself? Well, we now have a trailer!

And, noting my initial horror at that tragic facial hair for part of the film (It had better be a short part of the film, or I will be really mad.), I'm pretty sure this is rivaling Finding Neverland- or Secret Window-hot.

(Not Captain Jack. Nothing will ever touch Captain Jack. Including, regrettably, me.)

So here we go. I can't wait!


rockford said...

Including, regrettably, me???? Oh you are too funny!!! So, when does the movie come to theaters and will we be there that day???(I'd love to see it with you if you would not be too embarassed...)

mickey said...

lol...regrettably me!!!!!! Looks like a good movie...I think I must attend....