Sunday, March 01, 2009

I'm waiting for the lightening bolt.

He would be so mad at us right now.

I've had this thought twice today.

This afternoon we finished the dining room and put all the furniture back in. There was swearing and some scraping, and when we finally got everything set it looked amazing- but empty. And He would have been so pissed that we messed up his stuff.

Tonight Colleen started going through pictures and found some slides. Because for some reason the brilliant chemical engineer who worked on Project Manhattan decided that slides! Were the photo-viewing way of the future! Let's put everything on slides! So now my mother's entire childhood and good chunk or ours are on those damn little slides that you can never actually see because it requires a freaking movie theater to look at them...but I digress.

So John decides to set up the screen and projector. And there is swearing and scraping, and again, HE WOULD BE SO PISSED.

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mickey said...

personally I feel he is having a scotch/soda and having a good laugh while watching you :):)