Thursday, February 04, 2010

All monotheism, all the time.

I'm a little bit comparative-religioned out. (Yes, it's a verb.) Every single one of my classes deals with Judaism or Christianity or how Christianity is mean to Judaism or...I don't even know, I don't keep track anymore. I just traipse from class to class without much distinction because they're all saying THE SAME DAMN THING.

(First century Palestine. I. Am. Over. It.)

(Except this morning when my professor was talking about mandatory celibacy and said, "Eh, it's one of those things that you can do. Or you can't handle it." And my lip is bleeding because I was biting it so hard to keep from laughing out loud. That was pretty interesting.)

And the thesis. Oh, my goodness, am I over Vatican II. Or, at least, I should be. But I'm not. And that frightens me. I'm kind of on a thesis roll, because I want to finish it pretty early this semester so I can turn it in as the final paper for most of my classes have more time to devote to the rest of my studies. I think about it constantly. I drag my computer and bag of sources around with me because hey! I could have a free fifteen minutes sometime today! An dammit, I could write a good paragraph about John XXIII in that time.

Fortunately, I'm almost finished with the Hi-I'm-Catholic-And-My-People-Have-Been-Horrible-In-The-Past Chapter. I'm not an angry Catholic. I'm really not. I understand that the Church is made up of human beings, and they have made some (astounding) mistakes in the past. And I do understand that, in many cases *cough*Pius XII*cough* things have been taken out of context and blown out of proportion. And none of it changes my belief in the resurrection of Christ or the doctrine of transubstantiation.

But it's still depressing to be all, oh, yeah, sorry about that. My bad. We'll try to keep a lid on the pogroms from now on. And we're almost totally over the whole plague thing.

Honestly. I had to read Martin Luther's On the Jews and Their Lies for a class and I was so excited because ha! The Lutherans aren't so nice either!

And we get Mary. So that's good.

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mickey said...

yes Mary is very good !!