Friday, February 12, 2010

Not totally normal.

I'd like to ask you to put with some more thesis talk. Because it's keeping my mind of the fact that I feel like throwing things every single freaking day when I get the mail because THERE'S NOTHING THERE OH MY LORD YOU ARE TRYING TO KILL ME.


This is much more normal.

Okay. Kind of.

ANYWAY. I'm almost finished with my thesis. I'm up to about forty pages, and I've written three of the four chapters, and have printed a draft that I'm making my mom read. And my sister. And my advisor. Hell, do you want to read it? Because I'm so freaking happy about it I'm going to start handing it out on street corners.

Well, no. I'm not. Because it's really long and we can't just keep printing copies willy-nilly, I am poor do you hear me? I'm taking off work tomorrow to church crawl.

ANYWAY AGAIN. When I printed it off- such a good feeling. I usually get attached to my papers anyway, but this one? Is really long and really pretty and about theology and wow, I love it so much. I could make a lot of analogies that would be pretty funny and probably make my mom mad, but I'm not going to because I link to this on Facebook and while I don't think my priest actually reads this, he could, and that would just be awkward.

SO. I'll just say it's a really good feeling.

Seriously. You wanna read it? You can totally read it. I have lots to say about ecumenism.

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