Monday, February 08, 2010


Every Monday, I have a choice. I can get up at my normal (obscenely early) time and hang out on campus or at Starbucks (better- they don't make you pay for parking and there are people with real jobs there!) until picking up my sister, who actually has to go to class hahahaha I love being a senior. This gives me hours of uninterrupted time to do homework.

Or I can leisurely wake up when I feel like it, hang out at home, and just pick her up around noon. This gives me hours of uninterrupted time to drink (free) coffee, watch Frasier on Lifetime, and Facebook stalk people I went to grade school with.

Oh, internets. You can see where this is going, can't you? In my defense, I totally planned on doing that first one this morning. My bag is all packed and everything. Honest. But...fate intervened.

See, some friends and I had an eat-your-feelings party last night. (For those of you with normal emotional responses and a healthy relationship with food, I'll elaborate. That's when something bad happens and you spend the evening trying to make that something bad go away with pizza and brownie sundaes and (preferably) liquor, but Keelin was driving so we decided the carbohydrates would have to do the trick.) I was kind of tired this morning, and that whole driving to campus at eight o'clock thing wasn't happening. But still! I woke up at a normal time, and totally intended on sitting down at my desk and working.

But, of course. I didn't.

So. To recap. I do not have a grasp of whatever the hell that forty-page article on Jewish emancipation that I have to write a paper on tomorrow says, or any more completed on my thesis. I do have two new Taylor Swift songs. Because I am secretly a fifteen-year-old girl.


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