Saturday, February 13, 2010

High school with PhDs.

So I was stalking the guy who shares my boss' office, because you don't know when my knowing where he got his PhD could come in in handy, and I came across the website "". This is truly an academic website. You can tell because there's a section for "hotness rating."

Oh, internets. Hours of fun ensued.

I now have read countless reviews of my favorite professors, my most hated professors, and random people I pass in the hallway.

On one of my professor's pages, the top comment was "Dr. *Blank* is amazing. He is brilliant and handsome."

And...I kind of wonder if he didn't log on and write that himself?

Because I know if I was a professor, I would totally comment on myself. And they would all be something like, "Dr. *Blank* is brilliant and also stunningly gorgeous. Rarely does one witness the combination of beauty and brains with which God has gifted her. Also, she looks like she spends a lot of time on her hair, and I feel like I can comment for the class when I write that we all appreciate it."

Just so that the actual comments that read something like, "This prof is so dumb. She doesn't grade good at all. I hardly did any reading at all and got a c so I guess thats ok lol," weren't so gutwrenching.

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