Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Three Things (Okay. Kind of four. Maybe Five. Tops.)

I had a meeting with my thesis advisor this morning, and wow! He actually looked at me a few times! I know, right? Emotional growth. Because for the first few meetings, he refused to make eye contact, preferring instead to stare at the wall and lean backwards in his chair so far that I was really nervous that he was going to fall and wow, I so do not need this.

But he looked at my face a few times today. It was pretty cool.

He also said that my paper was wonderful and he had to grope for issues. Aww. Now I really care if you fall backwards and crack open your little head.


We're doing the Reformation in my class today. And the doctrine of purgatory is taking a hit. And it's annoying me to no end. Because I love purgatory. And I really feel that it should be explained properly.

Also. I'm like 90% sure the professor is drunk.


I get to use the department copier again. This is tremendously exciting, because I love making copies. Almost as much as I love spiritual purification.

I also got to chit-chat with the adorable professor who shares my boss' office. I freaking love my job. More than I love spiritual purification.


I'm probably going to need some time in purgatory.


I'm saying novenas that the plumber is at my house fixing the dishwasher as we speak (write?). Because I seriously dislike this whole "hand-washing" thing.


I think there was a bonus sixth item. But I don't remember what it was. Sorry.

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mickey said...

I am so glad you love your job...that is important in life. I also hope you have a dishwasher when you return home :)