Friday, February 19, 2010

I don't think anyone is reading this.

Because Facebook is being dumb and not actually importing my posts even though my settings page assures me that they are doing so. Yeah. Sure, Facebook. I believe you. I'm still mad from that time two years ago when you sent out bumper stickers to EVERY SINGLE ONE OF MY FRIENDS when I HADN'T ASKED YOU TO.

Anyway. That's probably okay. Because I have very little to contribute. Because I have been doing very little except a.) sobbing quietly about graduation, b.) sobbing quietly about being accepted into at least one graduate program, c.) doing school work so that I will be able to both graduate and actually attend that grad program, and d.) watching the Olympics.

Oh. You would like to discuss? Okay.

A.) Well, you know about this. I got an e-mail telling me to order my cap and gown and I almost shorted out the keyboard. So there's really not anything to add to that.

B.) Happy tears! I promise! But I'm so relieved and yet really scared but still relieved because I have been irrationally fearful of losing my e-mail address and not being able to wear a UWM sweatshirt (not that I have one- funny thing no one ever talks about when you change sizes- YOU HAVE NO CLOTHES LEFT.). And now neither of those things has to happen unless I choose them. Well, I can still wear the sweatshirt. Regardless of where I go. Because they accepted me. So that's not sad. If they rejected me I would just walk around all day in shame. So that's not cool. What was I talking about? Oh, grad school. The emotional roller coaster continues!

C.) I'm so sick of Judeo-Christian relations that honestly, if I didn't have the Eucharist? I'd probably become a Zoroastrian.

D.) Dude. The Olympics. Are amazing. Even though they keep having the figure skating on really late, like, TEN THIRTY and I cannot stay up that late because I've probably been up since five thinking/writing/studying about Judeo-Christian relations. However, I have decided to marry Evan Lysaczek, horrible hyphenated last name be damned.

Hmmm. I think that's enough for today. I need to go memorize some stuff about allegations of Jewish ritual murder in the medieval period for two different tests on Thursday. (Can I just say? NEVER EVER CONDONED BY THE CHURCH HIERARCHY. *ahem*)

And by "memorize some stuff about Jewish ritual murder", I mean watch ice dancing.

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mickey said...

I am glad at least some of your tears are happy tears..... :)