Thursday, February 11, 2010

I'm not even going to try to connect these for you.

I'm very tired. And the attempt to remedy that with quite a lot of coffee is just making me sick. So. I'm going to be disjointed. And you're going to like it, dammit.

I was sitting in the library coffee shop this morning rifling through my bag to find something. I don't remember what. That's not important. But I had to drag out my multiple folders full of documents that I'm using for my thesis and I almost started to laugh.

I've always carried a rosary. I don't whip it out whenever I have a free twenty minutes.But it's just kind of something I think is kind of nice. I used to think was kind of silly.

Well, if that's silly, it's downright ridiculous to have a copy of all forty printed pages of Lumen Gentium, the Dogmatic Constitution of the Church, with you at all times. Which I have for the last three weeks. Because you don't know when you'll have a few free minutes to work on that new chapter! Ooh, wait, I have Dei Verbum too. Par-tay.

Also, I'm pretty sure that when I'm kidnapped by a serial killer and the members of the BAU show up at my house and search my computer, they're going to think I'm a crazy person. Because the last google search I did was, I am not even kidding, for, "Not praying for the Jews on Good Friday."

Oh, shut up. I remembered that something happened a few years ago and the prayers changed and whatever, but I couldn't remember the details. Don't judge me, I'm working on very little sleep. And lots of coffee. And did I mention the no sleep thing?

Finally. So. You know the Holton Hall Curse of Awkward? Yeah. It gets better. Because, dude, the guy who shares my boss' office is ridiculously adorable. Okay. Perhaps not objectively. But in a very academic way that, you probably already figured out, I'm totally okay with.

So. That's the end of heading into the office on a Friday in flat shoes and a sweatshirt.

Oh, who are we kidding. I never wear flat shoes.


mickey said...

you don't wear flat shoes and a sweatshirt to go get your mail....let alone out in public!!! I know you...remember I am the one who had her false eyelashes on before getting the mail when I was your age :):):)

Eileen said...

We still pray for the Jews on Good Friday, right???

mi_morena said...

Yes, we do. We just don't mention their "blindness" anymore. And actually, the changes only applied to the extraordinary rite, which isn't usually what we use on Good Friday. So it didn't have a whole lot of impact. It did, however, eat up a good two pages of my thesis.