Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Oh, come on.

Dear UWM,

It's snowing. Hard. Now, now, I know. I can still see grass, too. But I understand from the TMJ4 weather guy who is foaming at the mouth with excitement (Weather men, right? Can't they just do drugs like the rest of the world?) that it's going to continue snowing. Hard.

So while I understand that you have Very Serious Business to conduct and actually getting to campus probably won't kill me, getting home after the Class from Hell at 5:15 (Yes, the one professor who lives blocks away from campus is the one I don't want to ever see again. Maybe she'll slip on some ice. She doesn't have to break anything. Just a sprain would be okay.) very well might.

And I am SO NOT ALONE IN THIS. There are 26,000 undergraduate students. And I'm guessing like, oh, 26,000 of them DON'T WANT TO DRIVE IN THIS. And most of them have to. Because we're a commuter school. Which seriously cuts down on the seriousness with which I take your Very Serious Business that you need to conduct this morning.

So. Please. It's my last semester. I've paid you huge checks for eight semester and SERIOUSLY LET ME JUST STAY HOME.



mickey said...

did they answer you yet??????????

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