Saturday, February 28, 2009

BBC owns my soul.

At work today I was ordering a Doctor Who DVD for some kid and his mom and I said, "Oh, I love this show!" They then proceeded to geek out and ask me who my favorite doctor was.

And I felt really badly saying, "Um...the latest one? Because he's pretty?"

I'm a bad fangirl.

Meanwhile, watching a Doctor Who right now. Aww. I love it when the companions work together.

I watched this show a lot this past summer, and, if you been reading for, oh, a few days, you know that this past summer? Notsomuch with the fun. So it is a testament to the greatness of Doctor Who that it can still make me feel happy.

Or. Really. Maybe it's just the pretty.

1 comment:

mickey said...

it must really be a great show if it could make you happy during this past summer!!!!!