Saturday, May 16, 2009

Giant Sucking Waste of Oxygen

I have nothing tonight, internets. I feel as though I'm wasting your time. But here are some various and sundry items that I can comment on.

-In this week's Entertainment Weekly, there is a comment about how while the position of camerlengo actually exists, he is not as powerful as Ewan McGregor in Angels and Demons. Also, presumably not as attractive.

-In other news, I'm still stalking Ewan McGregor. Go watch the video of his interview with Craig Ferguson. I laughed and I laughed.

-In more other news, you can visit my cave in hell. It'll be the one that's flaming and has my name on it.

-My grades still aren't posted on PAWS. This is not a horrible offense, actually, because I only took the last exam forty-eight hours ago, but what the hell, Cuba woman? You've had my paper for ten days, and I know you're not really reading it. Just slap an A up on there and make us all happy.

-I probably will not get an A in chemistry due to the fact that the lab practical was quite possibly the most impractical thing ever.

-It's all Nazim's fault. I blame him for my lack of 3.9 as opposed to 4.0.

-I got tipped today and for the first time since September I didn't have to save the money for parking. Ahh. Freedom is sweet.

- I still need $900 so I can take Jews in Wisconsin. It's too bad I don't actually know any Jews in Wisconsin, because maybe they could give me some money.

- I'm tired now.


mickey said...

don't you have a jewish cousin?????

rockford said...

I don't think your jewish cousin can help you with any funds for school - it seems to me he is trying to gather some of his own...that still seems so high to me after you have already paid for 18 credits....sorry I am ill and financially useless (might I also add, a financial drain...)[I know, I know, I am not a financial drain, everybody is just so happy to have me here...:)!!!] - otherwise you know I would be more than happy to help both you and your sister meet these overpriced tuition bills of yours:( -- what ever happened to state run education being affordable??? I say we go back to $216.00 a semester...