Wednesday, May 20, 2009

It's amazing what you pick up.

Saw Star Trek again this afternoon, and wow! It's so much better when you're not looking for a quiet place to throw up! I don't know if it was the sick or the tired thing last time, but I understood like the actual plot this time- last time it was pretty much "zomg they're so young Spock is hot Spock/Uhura que? zomg so gooood!!!"

(Yes. I am articulate when I'm tired.)

This time there was, like, time travel and stuff.

Also decided that I shall go see Angels and Demons again on Monday because Mary and I traditionally do a movie and the inaugural Memorial Day movie was even an Ewan McGregor flick and well, I cannot think of any better way to mark the day than by viewing totally damning hotness that Colleen was mocking earlier. Whatever. She doesn't have to come. *sniff*


rockford said...

Maybe you should carry an American flag to your movie -- it is Memorial Day after all...and we should not forget what it actually memorializes...Ok, it is also the official start to the worderful season of SUMMER!!! (I know that you are going to come with us for the traditional family cemetary visiting before you go to see Ewan - you have not forgotten...:)

Racergirl179 said...

OMG I LOVE THAT PICTURE!!!! Is it terrible that I feel the burning fires of hell every time that I think about that movie?