Monday, May 25, 2009

Role Model

Okay, I'm in the middle of parties and movies and cemetary-going and four loads of laundry, so the only thing I have for you this afternoon (except that once again- Ewan McGregor: Hotter When Celibate) is a lovely little item about Brooke Shields from

Brooke Shields announces she would have lost her viginity sooner.

A.) Who the hell cares when Brooke Shields started having sex?

B.) Yes, Brooke. You are truly a role model for young women everywhere.

C.) Obviously, the way to become okay with your looks is to do it with the first guy to come along. That's why anorexia is almost never present in sexually active young teens.

D.) Seriously, who wants to know when Brooke Shields is having sex???

1 comment:

mickey said...

yes I read this on line....Brooke has problems!!!!!!!!