Wednesday, May 13, 2009

One More.

I'm doing...well, I haven't broken down in tears in the last twenty-four hours. Even though art history is over and I freaking loved art history. However, tomorrow is the chemistry final. This is easily the worst of the bunch because it's the only class I'm not securely in "A" territory, but I'm close enough that there's a shot that I could get one and seriously, do not screw with my head like that, possible 4.0.

I really need to calm down.

I did have a dream about art history last night. And it was weird.


mickey said...

good deserve a good grade :)

rockford said...

You become a very different person during this time of year:) Usually there are nerves, but finals really bring out a whole new set -- the kind that make you truly angry that yur grades are not posted and you have not even taken the exam yet --- I'm not going to use the word irrational, but...:) Good luck - I am sure that you will get that 4.0 again this semester - I just hope you are lucid enough to find it on the internet!! Just KIDDING -- you are a perfetly normal student who is interested in how well they do in school!!!!