Friday, May 08, 2009

Yes, the original series.

Now that I am not mostly concerned with staying upright and not vomiting all over the brand new theater lobby, you will be favored with a more in-depth analysis of the movie last night. I know. You're thrilled. And no, I don't know what made me sick. It wasn't swine flu, though. No one freak out.

I am a huge Star Trek dork. I mean, I don't attend the conventions, but I pretty much meet every other criteria. I could recite many of the plot lines of all 73 episodes. (To be fair, most of them were the same. The Klingon/Romulan is attacking and Kirk has to descend to the planet to repopulate the species.)

So I entered the theater last night with trepidation. I was psyched. I am a whore for a fun summer action movie, and I was not expecting to be disappointed, but at the same time I didn't really want them to spit all over my fandom, which some movies have been known to do. (I'm sure I have examples. I just can't think of them right now. I can only think of Get Smart, and I loved that. Hmmm. Maybe I haven't been disappointed. Anyway.)

I was not disappointed. It was freaking awesome. It was exactly the right amount of interesting and kitschy and all the actors did a fantastic job. Eric Bana was actually ugly. That takes some acting chops. Scotty? Hilarious. Kirk? Gross and lascivious but adorable. Spock? And Dr. McCoy was awesome, even if I didn't recognize him as Eomer. Uhura kind of kicked ass, and not just because she was in the Pirates of the Caribean movies.

It was so amazing that there were several times that I really, really felt sick but I didn't want to leave in case I missed anything!

I want to go back.

One question. Why is it that I don't actually find Zachary Quinto attractive but I wanted to have Spock's little emotionless babies last night? Does that make me a bad person?

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rockford said...

oh good, alien grandchildren..Btw, I wish I did not have to be asleep by nine or I would have gone with you - but when it comes out on dvd it will be a great family movie night movie - everyone will actually like it!!! And we know how hard those are to come by!!!