Sunday, May 17, 2009

Hey, it's a whole thing I never even thought about!


And I am reacting quite rationally. Obviously.

(My chem final grade is up on D2L, however. Oh. It's not pretty. This is me--->ME. 4.0<--- that is my hopeful GPA for this semester. The massive gaping chasm in between them? Chemistry. Stupid. Stupid chemistry. That's okay. I'm trying to tell myself I'm not a bad person because I didn't get an A in chemistry. It would have been SO AWESOME THOUGH. Gah. Hatehatehatehate.)

Other than that, I discovered today that a.) spray paint is rather messy, b.) I don't like spray paint, and c.) scrubbing the shower at Grandpa's is as bad as scrubbing the shower at home but with stress and bitterness added on top. Fanfreakingtastic.

The spray paint was cool for like two seconds, and then not so much once the wind shifted and it looked as though I had just spent a shift in the coal mines.


rockford said...

And you were expecting shower scrubbing to be fun??? Yes, the first moments of spray painting are, indeed, fun - oh, but then the pain in the finger starts and then the severe back pain from bending over to reach the difficult spots...yeah, not so much fun then or for the next four to six cans of paint!!! But everything does look so pretty afterwards that it is worth the pain...Do you think we had enough tape on the mirror:)!!!!???

mickey said...

I really hope that not getting an A in chemistry doesn't make a person BAD!!!!!! Can you guess why I feel this way????? I am sure you did very well in that class :)