Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Stay tuned for the breakdown.

I had a minor emotional moment (twice) in school today when both of my favorite classes finished and I loved those classes and I should not be this emotionally involved in the Northern Ireland conflict and why are you leaving me for four months God the last time we tried this people died and seriously is no one else moved by the power-sharing of the Good Friday Agreements???


Can you imagine what I'm going to be like next year? When I have to graduate and finish up Dr. Crain's classes? I'm going to be curled in a ball in the corner sobbing. My blue book will be runny with teardrops. It's just going to be embarrassing.

Meanwhile, I can't seem to study for those exams on Thursday. I think my fragile emotional state is to blame.

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rockford said...

We better all be prepared for this time next year!!! Maybe Dr. Crain would like to come to Christmas dinner after you graduate - just so you can still funtion normally in the world...:( But, seriously, aren't you glad that you enjoy this whole thing enough to be sad about it?? Most people are not that fortunate...