Thursday, May 21, 2009

Only two?

Unacceptable items:

1.) Dogs.

I don't like dogs. I know a lot of people like them, and that's just fine and dandy. I, however, am not one of them. From my perspective? There was a reason the Romans left them outside.

Look. Okay, I know that little dog isn't actually going to hurt me. I get that. I'm not stupid. But whenever one runs at me I get the urge to scream like a little girl and jump into the nearest pool of water in the hopes that I can lose the mangy bastard.

(Dogs swim? Oh.)

I have, in fact, almost killed myself on several occasions freaking out about a dog. When I was about four I went batshit crazy at Maker's Mark and ran in front of a car. When I was eight my friend's dog had the nerve to be in the front yard at the same time as me and I ran into the road. This happened several more times when I was eleven/twelve at the farm (The horses were no problem for me, but those dogs? Scary.)

Imagine my dismay when a stupid dog decided to follow me home today. I managed to not freak out, and okay, I had to call my mom because it felt better to be talking and I figured if I was just walking along the highway talking to myself passing motorists would begin to view me strangely. But I didn't dart in front of a car or throw any rocks at the crazy thing (Seriously, it was dumb. Running down the middle of the road and all. Pssh.)

And I'm only 21.

2.) I'm still missing two grades on PAWS. And it goes down for maintenance on Saturday. And so help me God if I don't have my official GPA by then I will NOT BE PLEASED.

I'm pretty sure I got As in everything in chemistry (I have four As right now officially and methods is outstanding, but it should be an A unless Big Daddy decided that I wasn't one of his special students...I don't really want to think about that), and chem should be an A- which I'm actually okay with because the - isn't for anything stupid like I didn't show up or study or anything- I worked my ass off for the class, and I did all the stupid extra credit. So while I'm mourning the loss of my 4.0, it's not the end of the world.

Well. It kind of is.


mickey said...

Didn't you like my Lady????? How could anyone not love Lady?????

mi_morena said...

I liked Lady because she was your Lady. But that's about it.

mickey said...

come to think of it....Lady didn't like dogs either :)

rockford said...

How dare that dog now follow you for two days in a row!! Does it not know that you are trying to get exercise which is a good thing for people to do??!! I do recall all of the close calls you had with cars because of your fear of dogs - the day at Makers Mark when all three of you freaked out and went three different directions (all into traffic, I might add...) is permanently imprinted on my little brain!!! Hope the grades come up soon...this will be a very long weekend for all of us otherwise:)And, see, we do still love you even though you got an A-....