Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I'm pretty sure I'm still high.

Hey, remember that day last fall? Yeah. I don't do well with anything in the turpentine family. I just don't like things that are caustic and have major warnings about how dangerous they are unless it also comes with a Carlo Rossi label and a 7% alcohol by volume certification.

Imagine my delight then when today's task was using Goof-Off on the floors. All the floors. There was cursing. And crying. And more cursing and I may have damned several people to hell in my head, but hey! It was rough and the fumes, they get to me.

Especially since Goof-Off is not actually that fantastic a product. They neglect to mention that it doesn't work on actual drops of paint, unless you already attempted to wipe it up while it was wet, anything remotely old, and sometimes not so much depending on the grain of the wood. So if you've got a smear of paint on a perfectly smooth pane of wood that you wiped up within the last fifteen minutes? You are golden. Anything else? Not so much.

Particularly fifty-year-old paint on slightly damaged floors. Yeah, that...is going to stay for another fifty years.

If I could have seen straight at the end of endeavor, I would have been really angry. As it was, I was just nauseated and looking for a drink.


Re: Last night's fangirling of Meghan McCain. She was fantastic on the Colbert Report, but I think she could have laid off the eyeliner a little.

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rockford said...

And the cursing and crying today are different than the last ten months how??? Oh, wait, I know, today they were accompanied by the headache pain from the Goof-off!! Just kidding - there has been very, very little cursing - only a couple of days, really... I think I may have enjoyed the flooding of the bathroom floor almost as much...can we pack alot of fun into a day or what!!?? (the floor was still wet when Dad got there tonight!!) But it was a beautiful day out on the patio and in the backyard - and I have cute pictures of you!!! It is all worth it when there are cute pictures:)