Thursday, May 14, 2009

I've had very few accidents, so...

I got my financial aid package today, and wow, they totally just took away one of my loans. That was apparently need based. And I'm not needy enough. (Ha!) And my extra class is costing $900.

I think it's incredibly insulting that I get knocked out of the running for every single need-based award simply because I can't afford to pay rent. Honestly. Do you think I'd be living at home and depending on my parents if I didn't have to? If I had $3700 just lying around at the end of the semester don't you think I'd, ooh, have a car?

And also. Do I have to point out? I HAVE A FREAKING 3.9 GPA.

So. I need a new job like pronto. One that has me show up more than one day a week. But it has to close before 6 pm and I won't be a waitress. Any suggestions?

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rockford said...

Well, you don't need to make living at home seem quite so much like a prison sentence...:) Anyway, as for the job, I am sure that you will find something to fit within those "appropriate" job guidelines of yours - if someone would just send you a weekly check it would work so much better, wouldn't it??? BTW, I loved the title:)