Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A disturbing bout of narcissism and more embarrassing revelations.

I enjoy knowing who reads this page, so I stalk myself myself pretty regularly. Way more independent hits than I thought, and somebody from Western Finland. And also, three different IP addresses have found this post by Googling "jon and kate plus 8 republican". Huh. Intriguing. I wonder if they are republicans? They seem kind of fundamentalist, but I'm not sure. I'd google it, but apparently I have already said everything there is to say on the subject. Yes. Morena is now an oracle. Like that cool chick from the third (and in my humble, seven-year-old opinion bestest ever omg) Aladdin movie.

Forgoing transitions this evening altogether, I would totally watch a Samantha Bee/Jason Jones sitcom.

And not just because he's currently like #4 on my list of Guys on Comedy Central That I Have Inappropriate Crushes On. (Shut up, I'm not weird. There are entire message boards that I totally do not frequent full of people who I totally do not have anything in common with who are much crazier than me.)

I just found out that they were married and seriously squeed. Their babies will be hilarious. Mark my words. The next generation is all set.

Speaking of inappropriate feelings, I am totally awake and even watching Without a Trace and Steven Weber isn't even on this episode. Gah. Boo. Poor form, Mr. Weber. I stayed awake until 9:14 for you. GOD.

Well. Now I can go to bed.


rockford said...

All the way until 9:14!!??? My goodness, you are putting me to shame...the rest of the post seriously confuses me though - how does one stalk oneself?? Is Steven Weber the Wings guy?? I really am out of it....I get to be your first comment tonight though - yeah! I never make it here first!!!:)

imladris said...


mickey said...

wow the world is really upside down...now I am last!!!! Without a Trace was sooooooooo good last night even without Mr. Weber. Now I think you all know my feelings towards him.....on any other show or any other role I am a big fan......but........I have said all along that he must go and Jack must get his job back. I noticed that Mr. Weber is not in the regular credits, but still a guest star!!!! I think we had this same "problem" when Gill left CSI and two people who will remain nameless went ga ga over the new guy :) It is so interesting when there is just a little conflict...have a nice day:):) Yes, Rockford I am aware these are tv shows .....oh I can just hear you :):):)