Thursday, October 02, 2008

Live-Blogging the VP Debate

8:01- The first and only? Really? I'm guessing when NBC gets the ratings for this, there will be more. Deal or No Deal has been on for like sixteen years now, and Howie Mandel has never asked on of the briefcase girls how she felt about Iran.

8:03- No untoward outbursts. *snicker*

8:03:30- I love Palin's suit. And...she just asked to call Sen. Biden Joe. Oh, God. I'm feeling nauseous. But the suit! Gorgeous!

8:04- Boo. Boring economy. I know I'm poor, you can shut up about it, Sen. Biden.

8:05- I am so totally sure right now that Biden has had a facelift. Look! The wrinkles go up at his eyes!

8:05:30- First "betcha" of the evening. I smell a drinking game.

8:07- Oh, please, Sen. Biden, if Jon Stewart hadn't pointed out the nine o'clock/eleven o'clock thing, you wouldn't have noticed.

8:08- Maverick! Another drinking game!

8:09- My mom said that Palin looks so much like Tina-Fey-as-Palin that she's waiting for the funny part.

8:09:30- "Neither of you really answered the question." Oh, Gwen. I like you- you're funny.

8:12- She's said "darn right" twice now. I'm trying to like you Gov. Palin, I really am! But you have to work with me here.

8:14- Palin announces that she will not always answer the the questions the way the moderator wants, but will talk straight to the American people and tell them about her record. Apparently she has never been to a debate before. Aka, the moment the election was over.

8:18- She is adorable though. "That's where Todd and I have been our entire lives...*cute little overbite smile*"

8:19- Good point about the healthcare. Because I do not want this government controlling that. Frankly, they have not exactly proven themselves.

8:21- "Ultimate bridge to nowhere." Oh, snap, Sen. Biden. The audience, despite being warned against outbursts, just went, "ooh". Ahaha.

8:23- It appears that both of them are answering the "What promises are you going to break?" as though it was "What promises are the other guy going to break?" And Palin just said she took on somebody. *sigh*

8:29- Oh, my God, Sarah. Would you please stop grinning like an idiot? And you, Joe. Stop being an ass.

8:30- Climate change. *crosses fingers* Okay. Apparently, Alaska feels it more. She doesn't want to argue.

8:32- Really, sir, climate change is the biggest difference between your campaigns? I really, really do not agree.

8:36- OH MY GOD THEY ARE NOT CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS. I am all for gays and lesbians being able to do whatever the hell they want; in fact, I think it's downright nasty to keep them from visiting each other in the hospital. But nowhere in the Constitution does it say ANYTHING about ANY RIGHTS LIKE THAT.

8:46- I vote that Pakistan is more dangerous. When that shit goes down- and it will, believe me- I do not want to be around.

8:52- Has anyone told Gov. Palin that the Palestinians actually did not perpetrate the Holocaust? I'm just wondering.

8:54- Yes, let's just all go hug Israel. That makes it all better.

Meh. I tire of this now. I got a fantastic score on my Ireland test this morning- ten bonus points and the highest score. And then I promptly ran out of time on my Imperialism test. Oh well. I was happy in Ireland.

Finally, for your viewing pleasure-


mickey said...

Thanks for the update.....I have not had time to watch tv tonight so this was interesting....I did pass thru the room and saw she looked lovely as usual...I do like her!!!! Congrats on your test score:):)

imladris said...

I only saw a few minutes. I did enjoy Sarah Palin's dress.