Sunday, October 19, 2008

One day, even my children are going to tire of this.

My Lord. Since September, this has been one long "I'm sick and tired of life and why did you have to go and die and leave me with all this gah hate the world but thank God I don't have to work double shifts at a restaurant because adding a part-time (should be full time but you know there is school and actual work and that laundry that doesn't stop even though I've told the Boy he could stop bathing really, I am so beyond caring) job on top of everything else is so much easier than that ever could be" post. And wow, I apologize. So boring.

*ahem* Not bitter. Really. Not bitter at all.

During the homily today the priest was talking about how he bought his parents' house when they passed away and now his sister lives there. And I really, really wanted to know if he had any other siblings that would be okay living in an old person's home because really! Lovely property right there in the North Shore! Less painting I have to do the better! I may start killing people soon!

Then I worked. It was work. They paid me for it. I'm okay with that.

Sadly, this non-update must now come to a close because I have to go attempt to figure out the difference between Djenne and Dogon horsemen figures. Oh, it will be a wild time. We may even move into the Tyi Wara masks. I know, right? Don't get too crazy.

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