Saturday, October 18, 2008

Things I Discovered Today

1.) Painting a wall balancing on a ladder on a landing? Less inconvenient that previously assumed.

2.) Painting a bookshelf? More inconvenient than previously assumed.

3.) No electricity? Way more inconvenient than previously assumed.

4.) My cabinets look fantastic.

5.) I do not want other people touching my beautiful Euro spacesaver vanity. It is mine and it is beautiful and I do not want Hypothetical Gay Couple brushing their teeth in it. Would it be inappropriate to ask them to bring their own?

6.) Keelin is a way better hostess than I ever will be. I hereby bequeth the metric assload of hostessing-type things I've acquired in the past few months to her. Because when we do movie night you're lucky if there's ice cream in the freezer. When she does, there is trifle with chocolate-covered strawberries.

7.) Denny from Grey's Anatomy is decidedly not Irish.

8.) OH MY GOSH DO YOU KNOW WHAT REMOVES PAINT ON YOUR SKIN??? NON-ACETONE NAIL POLISH REMOVER THAT IS WHAT. I mean, you have to wash it off really fast because I'm not sure what it does to your skin if you just leave it on, but damn, it wipes it right off!!! I'm buying stock in Sally Hanson.

1 comment:

mickey said...

yeah .....bring your own vanity really won't be a selling point when looking for a renter.....sounds loverly though:):)