Monday, October 13, 2008

Maybe I'll scrap the plan to major in Jewish studies.

While the days off are pretty cool, we spent a huge chunk of time in class today discussing the fact that the book of Joshua is basically a big metaphor for sex. With a harlot. Named Rahab. Which means wide open. *snicker*

Strangely enough, my Bible didn't have any of these comments in the notes. Apparently the Catholics aren't as into the imaginary sex references (that I have yet to be convinced exist, and I have a filthy mind) as those crazy Protestants/Whomever Publishes the Jewish Study Bible. Mine just had clarifications about the original Hebrew. Boo. Boring New American.

Anyhoodles, this is why I'm focusing New Testament. Sex there is pretty much ignored save for Not-Mary-Magdalene and the "divorce her quietly" and what is talked about is OMG SO BAD. This is an attitude my little repressed self is way more comfortable with.

I didn't say I was normal. But at least I know myself.

And not in the Biblical sense.

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imladris said...

AHAHAHAHAHAHA. Yeah, whenever I read the Old Testament I'm always startled by the sex.