Wednesday, October 15, 2008

It's a freaking convent, show some respect!

Tonight on Pushing Daisies Ned is wicked hot and vulnerable and filled with daddy issues. And wearing a Roman collar. I'm now like ninety percent certain I'm going to hell.

(AHAHAHAHA. "Stupid ass." Teehee.)

Oh dudes. So tonight I went to some conscientious voting talk thingy given by some moral theology professor. It was interesting and all, blah blah blah. But there were these women who were spectacularly rude and yelly and screaming and cut-offy and would not let him finish a damn sentence and wow, ma'am, I'm against abortion too but could we dial it down like six notches???

Supremely awkward and kind of hilarious.


mickey said...

lol - cut offy :)

rockford said...

When they told him to hurry up and make his point it was a bit rude but I still have trouble with the liberal American wing of the church trying to step around the fact that, gee, maybe murder is wrong and we as a society should not vote to preserve the right to kill members of your family - just a thought!!! Your Dad needs to run for president, then I would agree with him on all of the issues!!! It would make voting so easy!!

mi_morena said...

I don't know, Daddy is pretty pro-gun. I'm not sure I could give him my vote. ;)

mickey said...

I would vote for your Dad :) Think of the fun we could all have drinking blue drinks in the white house with a red :)