Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A severe lack of television.

Morena is not amused. As I do not feel like watching a half hour Obama orgasm, my viewing choices are limited to ABC Health? Maybe?

(Although if you do want to watch a half hour Obama orgasm, knock yourself out. My main problem with it is less that it's not the guy I want to win and more OH MY LORD A WHOLE HALF HOUR??? SERIOUSLY??? You've been campaigning since like 1995 already, what more could there possibly be to say??? *ahem*)

And I seriously laughed when I read this article, because, um, my reaction today- at 21- would be exactly the same as that little Obama girl if my father were running for President and bought air time during primetime.

Oh, hell no, Daddy. I don't care if you think you can save the nation, you will not preempt Pushing Daisies.

Thankfully, Pushing Daisies is going to be on. Even though it's a stupid ratings decision because it's dead already and putting it up against the most popular candidate ever omg, not smart, ABC, not smart. But I don't care, because I need something to watch.

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mickey said...

I had to watch because I just could not believe he was doing this and I just had to watch....ok now I believe he must hypotise(sp) people because they can't really like what he says if they can hear him. He used an example of how a Colorado school turned around...I didn't get the connection....he isn't from Colorado!!!!!! Criminal Minds was very good last night and I will share a comment with you regarding that show....but not in me!!!!