Monday, February 09, 2009

And I thought History 242 was worthless.

Oh, methods. It is a damn good thing that it's a seminar, because I do not think that I could handle this more than once a week. Today I learned that my professor subscribes to Playboy (Seriously? Subscribes? And they gave you a doctorate?), looked at pictures of UWM from the 1970s, and stared at the wall for a good half hour while I was supposed to be researching something that took about three minutes to research. Oh, and Facebook. Always Facebook.

We were ostensibly learning how to use the Special Collections website. This is, quite possibly, the world's most boring website ever.

Except. Except for this. Yes, UWM has, in it's very own room, 425 nurse romance novels. I spent a considerable amount of time going through them and making my lip bleed because I was biting it so hard to keep from laughing, and after considerable debate, I have decided that this is my favorite. Who will win her heart? The man with the mission on Earth...or the one who would walk on the moon?

I could die from the cheesy.

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mickey said...

I see you will be getting alot out of this class:):):)