Friday, February 13, 2009

Maybe it's a good thing we ran out of money for London.

My sister and I had major plans to spend two weeks in London last January. At least, until we actually figured out how much it would cost. And then we cried a little and drank a lot of Bushmills.

But it strikes me that if we had gone, our trip to the British Library would have gone something like this. I would have been all "Magna Carta! It's like eight hundred years old! The world's first "consitution"! Signed by the one and only King John!" and Colleen would be like, "Pssh. Whatever. Paul wants to hold my hand."

And because I'm a pushover and I still have a deep-seated fear of her (even though she stopped throwing Ken dolls at my head, like, four years ago), I'd probably spend the rest of the day looking at Beatles lyrics and never even get to see the British Museum.

(When we were planning our trip, and I was having a museumgasm over the most amazing museum ever, Colleen scrunched up her nose and went, "You can, like, drop me off at a coffee shop before that or something, right?")


mickey said...

You and your mom should go to London and Colleen and I should go :):):) To make it really interesting we could ask Steven to go back with us. We could all meet for dinner each night and discuss our own version of London!!!

rockford said...

I would love to go to London with you but I think if you and imladris go together you beter do ALOT of talking first....:)although when I went, my Mother was the one that stayed healthy and had energy to sightsee...I was sick in the hotel :( she got me out there though - as soon as I barely stopped being physically ill she had me running around London on foot.... You would enjoy a coffee shop or two though, wouldn't you???

imladris said...

UM. Actually, when we figured out how much it would cost, YOU cried, and I got a job. And had the money. And you backed out. Just like you used to do with Barbies. SO.