Monday, February 02, 2009

Dear Village of Whitefish Bay:

Hi. It's me again. We've had this discussion before. I thought you heard me. But I guess not, as Silver Spring is closed. Again.

Whitefish Bay, I do not appreciate this. I do not enjoy my morning commute from freaking Grafton, and usually by the time I make it like six communities south I am so not in the mood to attempt to avoid road workers and the like. I understand why you feel the need to close it, because frankly, I think you actually made it worse last time, if possible, but could you not have waited until summer, when I didn't have to drive it every single day?

(I can't wait to leave UWM. I don't care if I can't afford t live there on my own, I'm moving in with Hypothetical Gay Couple and going to Stritch RIGHT DOWN THE ROAD. I'm sure they won't mind. Actually, they may mind my inappropriate attachment to the counter. But I'm sure they'll get over it.)

(But I digress.)

So, Whitefish Bay. You are on notice. Please have this cleared up quickly. Like maybe by tomorrow morning. Thank you.



1 comment:

mickey said...

WRB really has some nerve don't they.....hope the road opens up soon:):)