Sunday, February 01, 2009

Even the half-time show is boring this year.

John: Can I throw away your biology homework?

Me: My what?

John: Your biology homework. I found it in the pad of graph paper I'm using.

Me: Um. Yeah. It's dated 2002, you can probably toss it.

John: Okay. Did you know that the fish's breathing slowed down in cold water?

Me: Apparently I did.

Oh, Advanced Biology with Mrs. Anzia. The best class of my brief foray into ninth grade. Almost- almost- matched by American Government, appropriately taught by her brother. Thank God Mr. and Mrs. Brogelman reproduced- their offspring are the only reason I made it through one year of high school. :P Then I found out that one of them married my then-pastor's niece, and wow, the number of times that has made me smirk...


This morning some Phantom music popped up on my iPod, and I had a little fangirl squeal over it. This was particularly appropriate as I believe there was a Super Bowl when I escaped by going to see Phantom. That got me thinking about all the other ways I've avoided the Super Bowl-drinking at Mickey's is a perennial favorite, and I know I missed the whole Janet Jackson thing while I was at the seriously overlooked cinematic gem Win a Date with Tad Hamilton (Remember Kate Bosworth? Whose only claim to fame was hooking up with Orlando Bloom for a few months?).

Of course, that made me try to come up with ways to avoid it this year. It would be significantly more difficult, as the party is at my house, and, you know, I do want to celebrate Cousin #2's birthday. Hmmm. Maybe I'll just read if it gets to be too much. I tend to read during a lot of sporting events.

It's been twelve years since eight-year-old me sat in a box at the Bradley Center and read The Dollhouse Murders during some game (Soccer? I think? Or maybe hockey? I don't know. There was summer sausage and a couch and my cousin's friend on whom I had a serious crush and people generally left me alone for two hours- I wasn't focused on the game so much.) and my family is still talking about it.

Or maybe we'll just go with the perennial favorite. I saw a fresh bottle of Maker's Mark in the kitchen...

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mickey said...

I think you had a good time tonight....also I will never forget you sitting on the sofa at the Bradley Center reading that book!!!!! :):):)