Sunday, February 08, 2009

Items of Note from Work Today:

- The handy pocket version of "The Declaration of Independence and Constitution of the United States" is on the biography/memoir bay. Um. Definitely not.

-Sanjaya of American Idol fame has a new autobiography, "Dancing to the Music in My Head". I checked. If a 13-year-old knew what a wet dream was, this would be it.

- It was bluegrass day. I hate bluegrass day. I had (willfully?) forgotten that it was the second Sunday, and, oh, I almost started to cry when they brought out the banjos. Then I thought of many different way to kill them, probably using the banjos.

- I saw my music professor. It was weird.

- I saw my old piano teacher. That, too, was weird, especially because I couldn't remember the terms on which we ended the lessons so when she went, "Oh, it's too bad you couldn't continue!" I had to do this, "Oh, yeah, I know, but, you know, stuff..." thing. Then I got home and was informed of the actual circumstances and yeah, it wasn't my fault. So I shouldn't have had to have been so awkward. I'm sorry, that made no sense. Maybe to Mickey. Maybe.

- I was running to pull Edgar Sawtelle for the sixteenth person and there was this really hot guy standing in poetry. Immediately, I began thinking, "This is unbelievable...there are never any attractive people in know how in movies and books people always meet intelligent, attractive people in bookstores? Ha. Haha. No. That doesn't happen. We just have weird people who can't spell. But this guy! Really cute. And okay, he's looking at poetry, which annoys me, and he's probably pretentious, but at least he can read! Maybe he's an English grad student and we can compare student loan bills! Clearly we're made for each other. We can name our children after literary characters! It will be perfect! Oh, wait. He smells. Like, really bad. Okay. I'm not having kids with you. At least until you take a shower."

It was kind of an interesting day.

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mickey said...

ok...I do remember some issues that might have been connected to your study of the piano but really had nothing to do with you!!!! Let's face it there are so many stories to remember:):):)